Strategies for Prolonged, Deeper Sleep from Dr. Hyman

If you’re struggling with sleepless nights and waking up feeling drained, glucose spikes and stress could be the reasons.

Ever struggled with tossing and turning in the middle of the night? Do you wake up feeling exhausted, despite spending long hours in bed? If this sounds familiar, then the latest episode “How To Stay Asleep And Sleep More Deeply” of Dr. Mark Hyman’s critically acclaimed podcast is a must-listen for you!

In this episode, Dr. Hyman delves into the complex relationship between nutrition, stress, and sleep. As a leading voice in the functional medicine field, Dr. Hyman’s insights are not only grounded in extensive research but also highly actionable.

You’ll be surprised to learn how what you eat and when you eat can directly impact your circadian rhythm, influencing how well you sleep at night. Plus, the doctor will share fascinating insights on how blood glucose spikes and stress can affect your sleep and what you can do daily to improve your sleep. If you are eager to learn more tricks on how to manage your glucose levels, we have a list of hacks for you as well.

Available now on all major podcast platforms, this enlightening 15-minute episode is your pass to a healthier, well-rested future

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