Longevity Listening: Top 5 Podcast Picks This Week

Welcome to our weekly series, “Longevity Listening,” the go-to place for Podcast Picks on longevity and long-term health.

If you’re as keen as we are about extending your lifespan and enhancing your well-being, then you’re in the right place. Our weekly roundup features the most actionable and science-backed Podcast Picks that align with our six pillars of longevity: exercise, nutrition, health care, sleep, mental health, and mindset.

Let’s delve into this week’s top episodes that promise to enrich your longevity journey with valuable insights and actionable tips.

Podcast #1: Health Bites by Dr. Mark Hyman

Link: Health Bites – Episode 7771Health Bites – Episode 777

In this installment of his “Health Bites” series, Dr. Mark Hyman delves into the myths propagated by the food industry—myths that portray cooking as a complex, expensive, and time-consuming endeavor.

He counters this narrative by showing how preparing your own meals can actually be both economical and beneficial for your health. He emphasizes that a significant portion of our meals are now consumed outside of home settings, which has led to a decline in cooking skills across generations. This, he argues, is having a detrimental impact on our health and well-being.

The episode serves as a guide to reclaiming your kitchen and underlines the critical role cooking plays in maintaining a healthier, longer life.

Podcast #2: Journal Club with Dr. Peter Attia on Huberman Lab

Journal Club – Huberman Lab Episode2Journal Club – Huberman Lab Episode

In this intellectually stimulating episode, Dr. Andrew Huberman invites Dr. Peter Attia, a physician trained at Stanford and Johns Hopkins, to discuss the intersection of health, longevity, medicine, and psychology.

They each bring a scientific paper to the table for an in-depth review, beginning with a study on the impact of the drug metformin on longevity. The episode then shifts focus to explore belief effects, illustrating how the efficacy of a drug can be influenced by one’s beliefs about its dosage, rather than the actual dose taken.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intricacies of scientific research and its implications for longevity. Beyond discussing the findings, it also serves as a primer on critically reading, interpreting, and evaluating scientific studies, making it a valuable resource for those aiming to deepen their understanding of longevity science.

Podcast #3: Treating Your Insomnia with Michael Grandner pt. 2 on The Matt Walker Podcast

The Matt Walker Podcast – Episode 563The Matt Walker Podcast – Episode 56

In this second part of their conversation, Matt Walker and Dr. Michael Grandner delve deeper into the complexities of sleep and insomnia.

They discuss how insomnia rates differ between genders and life stages, such as menopause. Cultural factors affecting sleep, including race and ethnicity, are also explored, shedding light on troubling disparities.

The episode advocates for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a first-line treatment for insomnia, citing its effectiveness and lower risks compared to medication. Melatonin’s role in sleep is demystified, and common misconceptions about its usage are clarified. This episode is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to understand better and improve their sleep, a crucial pillar of longevity.

Podcast #4: How to Boost Your Mental Health with Dr. Paul Conti on Huberman Lab

In this easy-to-follow episode, psychiatrist Dr. Paul Conti shares some life hacks for better mental well-being.

Think of it like a toolkit for your mind. He helps us understand ourselves better—why we do what we do and how to change habits that might not be serving us well. The episode is filled with practical advice on how to reframe the stories we tell ourselves, and even gives tips on how to deal with nagging thoughts.

It’s like a mini-course on understanding your own mind and setting it up for success. Keep an eye out for the next episode, where Dr. Conti will talk about how to improve our relationships with others. Mental health is an important pillar of longevity that could be overlooked, so this episode is truly enriching.

Podcast #5: Unveiling the Secrets of Your Gut Health with Dr. Vincent Pedre on Everyday Wellness

You may not realize it, but your gut plays a huge role in your overall health. Dr. Vincent Pedre, an expert on gut health, delves deep into this topic, focusing on how pesticides like glyphosate affect us.

If terms like “dysbiosis” and “leaky gut” sound like a foreign language to you, don’t worry; this episode breaks it all down. Dr. Pedre also shines a light on the significance of fermented foods and even dives into lessons learned from the Hadza tribe in Africa, who live much closer to nature.

From understanding the vital role cooking plays in our wellness to exploring scientific research’s intricacies, this week’s Podcast Picks offer something for everyone.

We’re delighted to have also included an extra episode from Huberman Lab this week, which focuses on two critical topics: metformin for longevity and mental health. As always, we aim to provide you with actionable, science-backed insights that align with our six pillars of longevity: exercise, nutrition, health care, sleep, mental health, and mindset.

Stay tuned for our next roundup, and continue to empower yourself in your quest for a longer, healthier life.


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